Devinci’s flagship DH ride, The Wilson, first stormed the World Cup scene in 2011. Since then—from pocketing podiums to blazing parks —the bike has set the bar for both innovation and inspiration.


The versatile Spartan brings adept handling and bottomless stoke to the downward slope.

All mountain

No two mountains are the same. And from the Rockies to Appalachians, the all-mountain Troy brings badass performance to some wickedly diverse terrain.


Jump on the fun-hogging Django 29 today and find your happy place — everywhere you ride.

Trail Traction +

The Kobain is a formidable, habit-forming hardtail with a plus-size footprint for superior stability/traction.

Pump Track

Pumptrack assassin that brings juiced acceleration and deft handling to your berm-smashing program.

Snow Bike

Charge into winter with a Minus—and add a fun fourth season to your shred calendar.